The 2020 Year Review

The 2020 Year Review

A crazy year

The Year 2020 came with a lot of enthusiasm but ended up being one of the worst years due to obvious reason-> COVID

There is something new that I believe in learning each day and 2020 was no different. I personally leaned a-lot this Year. In this post, I want to pen down some of the things that I have done and other things that happened in my life.


Docker Meetup 16th Jan: Kickstart Your 2020 Container Journey with Docker & Kubernetes + Kubernetes101 Workshop

Year Begining I along with other community members organized the biggest Docker meetup at SAP Labs India. It was attended by more than 550 folks and we really had a great learning experience. My talk: Docker Security 101

CNCF Meetup Jan25th :Grokking Cloud Native Data Management Landscape

My talk: What, why and How of Timeseries database for kubernetes

Rise of COVID and all in person events cancelled

COVID Cases were rising worldwide and the events started to cancel so after 14th Feb there were no in-person events that I organized or spoke at. Conferences that were I was supposed to speak but didn’t happen due to COVID:

  • Namma Cloud Conference, Bengaluru

  • Kubecon EU Amsterdam (In-person)

  • O’Reilly Open Source Software Conference in Portland 2020

March Became the year of lockdown where most of the countries started observing Lockdowns and we were supposed to stay at home 24/7 and only go out for essential commodities or order them at home. This was really tough as no one imagined doing this, panic buying, fear, people getting sick all around the globe was really unusual situation. In Reality, we all struggled to meet, travel, eat, and Live. Stuck at home I tried to explore myself more and see what more I can do like cooking, household stuff, and collaborate with the community ONLINE.

March was also the month where I planned a new way to connect with the community while sitting at home: **Youtube Livestreams**

So this started as an experiment and a vision where I connect with more and more folks and we all learn together as a community. I loved the response from the community, I took feedback from the community and upgraded the setup, streaming and the content as well. I have always listened to the community and will also do that in future as well as community is what drives me. Since then I have organically grown to 1.12k subscribers and I would like to thank the community for supporting me always and encouraging me to do MORE. Few stats Total Livestreams : 25+ Total likes: 840+ 2,548+ comments and 17,598 views

Job Change

I joined Civo ltd as a “Director of Technical Evangelism” in September and it was a big thing that happened in 2020. I thought A LOT before joining as there were so many challenges involved and as of today I am so glad that I joined this company of awesome people with amazing talent. We have big plans for 2021 and we all are working hard for this.

Stream List till December 2020:

Blogs that I wrote in 2020:

Blog Published on THENEWSTACK:

Blog published on cncf:

Blogs published on

Blogs published on

Blogs published on

Blogs published on to


KUBECON EU Virtual with my friend Karthik Gaekwad and also did a Panel session. 34 Truths We Learned About Kubernetes and Edge Panel: CNCF Ambassadors: Building the Cloud Native Community

I got fancy badges as well!!

AllDayDevOps: [k3s ,k3d, k9s, k8s — what are all the numbers about ?](

PyConf Hyderabad: [InfluxDb and it’s python client](


K3s -A Light Weight Kubernetes Distribution

Community Awards

I won 2 community awards in 2020 and got nominated for CNCF top Ambassador as well.

Docker and Influx Community Leader AwardDocker and Influx Community Leader Award


In 2020 I engaged with the cloud-native Community a lot this year(I tweeted 1622 times) sitting at home, I spent a lot of time with my family members, I talked to a lot of great people in the industry and learned a lot from them. I became more focussed and with 2021 coming, I will be more focussed on taking my youtube channel to extreme Level and do great things at Civo.

2021, A year of Hope and Learning!

**Subscribe the channel and support the work I am doing as it takes time to organise and do it LIVE!**

Thank you for supporting me and loving me.

Have a great 2021 everyone!

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