Cloud native with Saiyam — It’s not over yet!

Cloud native with Saiyam — It’s not over yet!

March 2022 first edition

Hello people, how are things going on? It’s been a difficult time to fully concentrate on anything. My friends are at war, my friends are suffering from COVID and this is disturbing my mental peace a lot these days. I am not a sad person but this breaks my heart as I know what loss of life means, what it means to lose someone you love — everything gets destroyed. Life is a gift and you should cherish each day and spread love.

KubeCon CFP results came in and I am giving 2 talks this season hopefully in person with my friends.


Students Ambassador program

The Student Ambassador program is going great, with over 100 submissions and it is going international ❤ Great to see the support from my friends in spreading the word! The applications will remain open so you can apply/share. I will keep on improving the initiative.



  • Knative Walkthrough — Knative is a serverless platform on top of Kubernetes and in this video, I go over Knative serving and Knative eventing with a demo for each of them.

  • KubeVirt — This is the recording from my alldaydevops session but still very valid and its adoption is increasing even more so be sure to check that out.

  • Harvester by Techno Tim — Harvester is an open source HCI solution, I have a couple of streams on my channel as well with the maintainers of the project. It is based on Kubevirt layer so make sure to check out this project.

  • Kubernetes vcluster “clusters in clusters” by my friends Lukas and Rich on Bret Fisher channel.

  • Code Coverage for BPF Programs with bpfcov by Leo and Liz.

News and Announcements

Awesome March reads

Learning resources/repositories

  • Flamingo — FSA (aka Flamingo) is the Flux Subsystem for Argo. FSA’s container image can be used as a drop-in replacement for the equivalent ArgoCD version to visualize, and manage Flux workloads, along side ArgoCD.

  • Advanced Go Playground — frontend written in Go, with syntax highlighting, turtle graphics mode, and more

  • strimzi — Apache Kafka running on Kubernetes

  • Simple Docker project for beginners by Pavan

  • Traefik Academy by my friend Adrian

Learn from Twitter

When your apps receive a ton of traffic, how do you scale your Ingress Controller in Kubernetes?

Here is what I do 👇

— Daniele Polencic (@danielepolencic) March 2, 2022

What is SSH ?#Linux #ssh #encryption

— Rakesh Jain (@devops_tech) March 3, 2022

Let's talk about Rust.

A language with a steep learning curve but one of the most rewarding programming languages out there.

It powers parts of AWS, Dropbox, and even some important blockchain projects.

A thread. ↓

— 🇺🇦 Oliver Jumpertz (@oliverjumpertz) March 10, 2022

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